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“Wisdom, Happiness, and Courage are not waiting somewhere out beyond sight at the end of a straight line; they're part of a continuous cycle that begins right here. They're not only the ending, but the beginning as well.” - Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

This sweet boy was all snuggles and sweetness from the moment I met him! He is just as gorgeous as he is sweet, too. With long fluttering eyelashes and dreamy smiles, its no wonder mom and dad ... and basically anyone in a 20ft radius swoon with one glimpse of this kiddo!


CQ2022_5t0001CQ2022_5t0001 CQ2022_5t0003CQ2022_5t0003 CQ2022_5t0006CQ2022_5t0006 CQ2022_5t0011CQ2022_5t0011 CQ2022_5t0012CQ2022_5t0012 CQ2022_5t0020CQ2022_5t0020 CQ2022_5t0023CQ2022_5t0023 CQ2022_5t0027CQ2022_5t0027 CQ2022_5t0029CQ2022_5t0029 CQ2022_5t0046CQ2022_5t0046 CQ2022_5t0047CQ2022_5t0047 CQ2022_5t0050CQ2022_5t0050 CQ2022_5t0054CQ2022_5t0054 CQ2022_5t0057CQ2022_5t0057 CQ2022_5t0059CQ2022_5t0059 CQ2022_5t0064CQ2022_5t0064 CQ2022_5t0067CQ2022_5t0067 CQ2022_5t0070CQ2022_5t0070 CQ2022_5t0079CQ2022_5t0079 CQ2022_5t0085CQ2022_5t0085 CQ2022_5t0087CQ2022_5t0087 CQ2022_5t0090CQ2022_5t0090 CQ2022_5t0091CQ2022_5t0091 CQ2022_5t0096CQ2022_5t0096 CQ2022_5t0098CQ2022_5t0098 CQ2022_5t0102CQ2022_5t0102 CQ2022_5t0106CQ2022_5t0106 CQ2022_5t0112CQ2022_5t0112 CQ2022_5t0120CQ2022_5t0120 CQ2022_5t0155CQ2022_5t0155 CQ2022_5t0170CQ2022_5t0170 CQ2022_5t0171CQ2022_5t0171 CQ2022_5t0185CQ2022_5t0185 CQ2022_5t0198CQ2022_5t0198 CQ2022_5t0216CQ2022_5t0216 CQ2022_5t0248CQ2022_5t0248


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